Cooper v. New Dominion,
Spess Oil Company, et. al.

United States District Court,
Lincoln County, Oklahoma

Case No. CJ-2015-24

12. How do I get out of the settlement?

If you don’t want a payment, but you want to keep the right to sue the Settling Defendants over the legal issues in this case, then you must take steps to get out of this settlement. This is called asking to be excluded from—or sometimes “opting out” of—the settlement class. To exclude yourself from the settlement, you must be a Class Member and you must complete and mail to the Settlement Administrator a letter that includes the following:

  • • Your name, address, and telephone number;
  • • The name of the case (Cooper v. New Dominion, Spess Oil Company, et al., Case No. CJ-2015-24);
  • • A statement that you want to be excluded from this settlement; and
  • • Your signature.

You must mail your exclusion request, postmarked no later than December 31, 2018 to:

Class Action Opt Out
Attn: Cooper v. New Dominion, Spess Oil Company, et al.
PO Box 58220 1500 John F Kennedy Blvd
Suite C31
Philadelphia, PA 19102

All Class Members who do not submit a valid Request for Exclusion will be included in the Class and will be bound by this Settlement Agreement on the Effective Date. You may opt out of the Settlement Class only for yourself. So-called “mass” or “class” opt outs, whether filed by third parties on behalf of a “mass” or “class” of Settlement Class Members or multiple Class Members where no personal statement has been signed by each and every individual Settlement Class Member, are not allowed.

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